CIN part of TIGA’s Preferred Training Suppliers Guide

Being the UK game industries trade association TIGA has an impact on both on relations to state bodies and different actors in the industry. In order to promote educational efforts in the industry and a best practice that can make the industry excel TIGA has now initiated a preferred training supplies guide. This guide include organizations that has the capability to assist the industry in various areas. And of course, when it comes to development of interactive narratives CIN is the preferred choice.

“Dr. Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, explains the rationale for the new service:

TIGA research shows that UK games businesses spend on average 6.6 per cent of turnover on training and 91 per cent of UK games businesses provide training for their employees.

Our preferred training suppliers have a range of skills including leadership and management development, interactive narrative design, 3D technology, art and anatomical design, VFX, presenting and conflict management.

Trainers include: The Leadership Factory, Scott Eaton, Escape Studios, Elizabeth Rivers and Creating Interactive Narratives.”

Read the whole newsletter here.

How to use a fork and knife when developing games

Fork and knife are really good companions. The fork grabs a steak, and holds on to it, while the knife cuts through. Without the fork the knife would only make the steak move around on the plate and lots of time would be wasted. And without the knife there would only be a fork in the stake status quo.

The same applies to narrative and game mechanics when designing a video game. Like a fork, the narrative grabs the player in order for the mechanics to do its job. But if you create game mechanics and afterwards try to create a narrative that will fit these mechanics, then you will face problems. Continue reading How to use a fork and knife when developing games

CIN joins TIGA

In order to increase our exposure we have joined TIGA, an organization that supports game developers and associated business in the UK.

“TIGA exists to represent and to serve the interests of games developers and associated businesses. TIGA’s vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We focus on three sets of operational activities: political representation, generating media coverage and developing services that enhance the competitiveness of our members.”

Game concept ready for a mobile multiplayer game

We have just completed a game concept for a Swedish game developer that are building a multiplayer mobile game. It is a game full of humour where you can have lots of fun working with, or against, your friends, or anyone that you want.

In developing this concept we have used the ideas from the development team and structured this through Narrative Bridging. As this resulted in a conceptual map that forces us to define relations it was generated a narrative content in the game. This work has been pivotal here and the tool for constructing this game concept.

After we had presented the concept the head of the studio excitedly exclaimed “Sustain, as you have created a new kind of profession that could be compared with saying you were an astronaut during the 19th century”.

The game is now proceeding to the next phase and we are happy to see how the production progress, and the narrative content with it.

Collaboration with the developer Swimsuit Boys

In January 2010 we started cooperation with the Stockholm-based game developers Swimsuit Boys. In this cooperation Katarina participate in the development as Narrative designer in order to make sure that concepts and structures meet the requirements Swimsuit Boys want the player to experience. The work process is based on the NB method that supports the creation of narratives in interaction with game play.