CIN part of TIGA’s Preferred Training Suppliers Guide

Being the UK game industries trade association TIGA has an impact on both on relations to state bodies and different actors in the industry. In order to promote educational efforts in the industry and a best practice that can make the industry excel TIGA has now initiated a preferred training supplies guide. This guide include organizations that has the capability to assist the industry in various areas. And of course, when it comes to development of interactive narratives CIN is the preferred choice.

“Dr. Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, explains the rationale for the new service:

TIGA research shows that UK games businesses spend on average 6.6 per cent of turnover on training and 91 per cent of UK games businesses provide training for their employees.

Our preferred training suppliers have a range of skills including leadership and management development, interactive narrative design, 3D technology, art and anatomical design, VFX, presenting and conflict management.

Trainers include: The Leadership Factory, Scott Eaton, Escape Studios, Elizabeth Rivers and Creating Interactive Narratives.”

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