Village Gamer has covered our presence at MIGS

This was published at Village Gamer

MiGS has just announced that Narrative Bridging: A CIN workshop will be taking place immediately after the Montreal International Game Summit. The two day workshop takes place November 10 and 11 at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel and will focus on developing advanced interactive narratives using Narrative Bridging. This will give the participants tools for designing interactive narratives for video games and show the mechanisms that motivate the player to action in the game world. The focus will be on Narrative Bridging and model and control design. After the workshop the participants will understand how the narrative creates incentives for the players to form strategies in the game world and how to accommodate for that in the narrative design.

Develop Conference in Brighton

This week CIN will participate in the Develop Conference in Brighton, 13 – 15 July. This is an conference for the video game industry and by the newsflash it looks like it will be a big turn-up. Steve will be working the floor and talk to developers about what we can offer in narrative creation for their game development. Getting the word out within the industry is challenging as narratives has been stigmatized as externally enforced stories and cut-scenes that has nothing to do with gameplay. But we persist in our quest to prove otherwise. By using our method the narrative content of the game will evoke individual stories in each gamer and be part of gameplay.